About Us

Company History

Kirtland Products was founded in 2009 when the national automotive market saw a downturn. Seeing the need to diversify and expand their business footprint, the owners found the perfect market to enter into, that was explosively growing and had a distinct lack of available products. This market is the home heating pellet market. With the intention of offering a premium home heating pellet at a competitive price, while also utilizing natural, local resources that were typically considered waste product, primarily the Jack Pine Tree of Northern Lower Michigan, Kirtland Products was born. The founders felt the need to utilize a species with very limited commercial uses and at the same time, improving the habitat of the Kirtland Warbler, a bird which resides exclusively in the Jack Pine Forest of Michigan.

Who We Are

Kirtland Products is located in beautiful Boyne City, Michigan, just off of Lake Charleviox. Considered by many to be one of the premier vacation destinations in the Midwest, it was only fitting that Kirtland Products strive to create a product that, while using the resources of the area, did so in a way that improved the natural habitat.

Over the past 6 years of operation, Kirtland Products has seen increase business and an ever expanding dealer market that has grown on the back of a high quality premium pellet. We have etched out a distinct position in the market with a high quality blended wood pellet.

With the unseasonably warm winter of 2015 – 2016, we realized that the need to further diversify the company in order to stay competitive and continue to offer the same level of premium products to our customers. With this thought, Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets, Purrfect Pine Cat Litter, and Kirtland brand animal bedding, were born.

The Kirtland Promise

As Kirtland has continued to grow, we have not lost site of the need to utilize natural resources with conservation in mind nor to forget the local community. As such, Kirtland Products has committed to donate portions of proceeds to local charities and strives to partner with local foresters who are committed to the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Kirtland Products provides premium quality wood pellets that help to decrease the carbon footprint, provide an alternative to fossil fuels and manage natural resources to create a better world.