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Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets are an all-natural hardwood pellet designed for use in any grill or smoker.


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Some of our competitors will use a neutral wood, such as Alder and Oak, to create a low cost ‘blended’ pellet. At the same time these competitors can offer a ‘premium’ fee for those wanting to purchase pure pellets.

All of the wood used in Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets is locally sourced in cooperation with foresters committed to the sustainability of our natural resources. 

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Our Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets contain NO fillers and are always 100% the labeled species.  


Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets are available in 12 flavors that cover all the meats and flavor profiles desired by smoke enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you want the light and sweet smoke flavor of a cherry wood, or the deep, rich flavor of the mighty oak wood, Smoke Ring BBQ Grilling Pellets has what you want. 

Smoke Ring Pellets can be ordered by 1/2 ton or full ton. In addition, mix and matching of bags is available so you can create your own signature smoke flavor. 

  • 5 star review  Love these pellets, but wish there was a local dealer near me (Brattleboro, VT/ Keene NH area). I have used the MHC blend for numerous cooks short and long in my Blaz'n Grid Iron. Low ash, good heat, and nice smoke flavor. High quality pellets.

    thumb Craig C Charles

    5 star review  I was so impressed with Smoke Ring Pellets after doing a group by that I became a dealer! I don't specialize in BBQ products at my shop but wanted to make sure people in my area has access to these amazing pellets. I can't say enough about the product and the company itself! Chris Brooks Sparta, IL C4 Gun Store

    thumb Chris A. Brooks
  • 5 star review  Excellent bbq pellets! Smoke Ring is my go to brand now!

    thumb Christopher Guthrie

    5 star review  These are by far the best pellets I've ever used. I may be a little biased but really, I've been using BBQ pellets for 8 years and these really are wonderful

    thumb Tom Monley
  • 5 star review  The best pellets I have ever used. I would suggest this brand to anyone. I use what I sell!

    thumb Michael Williams

    5 star review  These are premium quality pellets and great people to work with. After stumbling across Smoke Ring BBQ Pellets in my own backyard BBQ adventures, I was blown away by the quality of the pellets and the flavors imparted on the food. Eager to share my experience with others, I established Southwest BBQ Pellets.

    thumb Jacob Schmier
  • 5 star review  Quality is great. Good hot fire, smells awesome. We became dealers and are very happy with that choice!

    thumb Chris Nelson

Available Flavors

100% Oak 100% Maple 100% Hickory
100% Beech 100% Cherry 100% Apple
Maple/Hickory/Cherry Oak/Hickory/Cherry Maple/Beech/Cherry
Hickory/Beech Apple/Maple Hickory/Maple