Kirtland Wood Pellets are made from a renewable energy source. Jack Pine trees have limited commercial applications. These trees are also not a good fuel source for conventional wood stoves because of their low density. But once this wood is compressed into pellets, it is an excellent fuel source. In the past, forest fires managed the Jack Pine new growth. Now Kirtland gives a once overlooked tree a new management plan through responsible harvesting.

Jack Pine is an excellent fuel source. The process of utilizing Jack Pine trees as a part of our softwood/hardwood blend results in a pellet that burns hotter (more BTU’s) and has less ash than most hardwoods.

Kirtland Cares About the Environment.  The name “Kirtland Products” evolved due to the positive benefit of harvesting mature Jack Pine trees.  This forest management technique enhances the habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler, which relies on young Jack Pine as it’s sole nesting habitat.

  • Wood pellets are typically 35% less expensive than oil heat.
  • Wood pellets are typically 45% less expensive than propane.
  • One ton of pellets equals 170 gallons of propane, 120 gallons of heating oils, or 4,775 kilowatts of electricity.